Monday, 21 September 2015

Twyla Garret of Fort Washington Is The Founder Of IME

Twyla Garret of Fort Washington is an astounding serial entrepreneur, corporate speaker and author. She was personally invited to speak at The White House on the topics including creating jobs, economic growth and the controversial fiscal cliff of 2012. She has also authored a famous book, 'Homeland Security' which is one of the top 100 Top Masters of Homeland Security. She is in her early 40s and is known for all outstanding business deals made by her.

Being a native of Ohio, she went to John Marshall High School, where she learnt complex tax returns. After school, she took admission in Ursuline College to pursue BA, later she got herself enrolled in University of Phoenix to study MA. For further studies, she went to Dartmouth University Tuck Business School to learn Executive Management Program.

Twyla Garret of Fort Washington found a leading consulting firm Investment Management Enterprise (IME), Inc in the year 2000. IME is woman- and minority- owned firm that specializes in Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness, Management Consulting Services, Life Cycle Acquisition Support, Information Technology (IT) Support Services, Cyber Security & Computer Forensics, and Construction Program Management. The company has worked with government and private sector organizations and measures by their performance through customer satisfaction. IME has won a number of awards including, MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) Top 100 Award-Winner, 2013 – Award Winner Top 500 Emerging Business in the US, American Council of International FLEX Scholarship Evaluator, Member of the Black US Chamber of Commerce and more.

Garret is planning to open 3 new offices in 2015 by expanding his methodologies, best practices and making a number of strategic acquisitions. She is working hard for expanding the size of the company in the next 18 to 24 months. In addition to IME, she has also founded and self-funded a 1.5 million dollar entertainment complex in Cleveland, Ohio. The entertainment complex hired formally homeless individuals, provided musicians and artists with actual moneymaking opportunities, and served the community by supporting American goods and services.

Twyla Garret of Fort Washington is an executive consultant to state, federal and local emergency management and homeland security programs throughout the nation. She managed national level preparedness and response programs at the Senior Executive Service level for eight years. In addition to this, she has also served for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service in Cleveland. Later she worked as deputy controller NADEP and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Manager for Space and Naval Warfare System Command (SPAWAR).

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Twyla Garret Of Fort Washington Is A Highly Accomplished Entrepreneur

Twyla Garret of Fort Washington is the founder of consulting firm Investment Management Enterprise (IME), Inc.,  which is an officially 8A certified company. This company works with government agencies, international organizations, and the private sector to deliver the best-value to our clients. They specializes in accurately understanding, capturing, and delivering solutions based on the company's requirements. They are committed towards following an innovative, non-traditional approaches as well as their corporate comprehensive knowledge to manage costs and provide the best solution on behalf of their clients.

Twyla Garret of Fort Washington is still in her 40s and has an extraordinary resume and a solid portfolio of flourishing businesses. Almost all of them are completely self-funded. Owing to her dedication and unwavering commitment towards her businesses, she has never lost money in any of her ventures. In fact, her indomitable spirit has always driven business growth. She was a federal employee for nine years as deputy controller for the Naval Depot and as foreign military sales manager for Space and Naval Warfare System Command when she hit an impermeable glass ceiling in the year 2000. two weeks later, she quit her job and invested $500 in IME and received her first contract immediately.

Recently, IME's CEO, Twyla Garret of Fort Washington, has received the Enterprising Women Of The Year Award. She has been featured in the June edition of Forbes Magazine. She is known for her 100% self-funded business deals and providing incredible opportunities to individuals facing immense challenges. Her Twitter account and blog is listed as a 'Top 100' Homeland Security resource. IME also won Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Program Support Center (PSC) Bid.  She has been dubbed as “The Federal Business Lady”. She is also an author of the famous book 'Homeland Security' which is one of the top 100 Top Masters of Homeland Security.